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The climate is wonderful all year round, temperatures hardly ever dropping below 8°C. The average rainfall is around 700mm, spread all year round, meaning that the winters are as warm and sunny as the summertime. Back in the 1800's, Wilderness was already renowned for its hospitality and the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Back in those days, a small stone farmhouse was the only form of lodging and it was through this that the legend of Wilderness hospitality and goodwill was established.

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A seaside-boarding house was established in the old farmstead, which was later to become the Karos Wilderness Hotel. Wilderness is set between the Kaaimans River and the Goukama Nature Reserve, whilst being bordered by the Outeniqua Mountains. Renowned for it tranquil sea and beaches which stretch on forever, Wilderness has become a Internationally sought after holiday resort. Wilderness is also surrounded by many rivers and natural lakes and lagoons.

This makes it a great spot for water sport enthusiasts, who flock there regularly. There is 2500 ha National Park with five rivers, five lakes, two estuaries and 18km of coastline. Wilderness sports many types of wildlife, in particular birds. Many types of water birds breed here and this makes it ideal for bird-watchers. The many other types of recreation include hiking, dolphin and whale-watching, hang-gliding, paragliding, horse riding, mountain-biking, scenic drives, Wilderness Lakes Art Route, day tours, ferry cruises, angling, boating and other water sports.

Wilderness also has a great number of craftsmen and women in the area. There work is often for sale and the tourist can pick up many bargains at the monthly craft markets, held in the middle and end of the month. This and many other interesting aspects of the town add to it's rustic charm. A place that must be visited by any tourist in the Garden Route, it truly is a place of timeless beauty. There are many things to do and see in this small village. The famous "Map of Africa Viewpoint" offers fantastic view of the Kaaimans River Valley and an ocean vista rivaled by few.

Another great viewpoint is Dolphin Point which gives a magnificent view of the ocean for miles and was named after the number of dolphins which can be spotted from here on a regular basis as well as whales during the winter months which is their breeding season. The Kaaimans River Bridge is known as an excellent spot for taking photographs of the scenery and the Outeniqua Tjoe-Choo as it passes over the ocean on its journey between George and Knysna. The Woodville Tree is another attraction in the area, thought to be about 800 years old and is a favorite picnic spot.


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