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Welcome to Grahamstown

This City is known by many descriptive names, such as the 'Settler's City' in memory of the huge part it played when it was still a frontier town. Also the 'City of Saints' on account of the number of churches, the 'City of Schools' as it is renowned for its many excellent schools and of course its University, and then also the 'Sleepy Hollow'. The latter, apparently because it lies in a warm hollow in the hills, but perhaps more aptly when the schools and University are on vacation and the world famous Winter Arts Festival is not in full swing.

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This summer rainfall area (November through to March) has temperature variations from as low as -3° C on a winters night to 38° C on a hot summers day. Grahamstown has a rich history and therefore many historical attractions can be visited. Probably the most well-known is the 1820 Settler's National Monument. In the 1950's it was coming to light that these people, the Settler's, had a great impact on the country due to their campaign for Press Freedom and the need for democratic government. It was decided that a symbol was needed to honour these Pioneers - and hence the Memorial came about. Another structure dedicated to the memory of the Settler's is the Settler's Memorial Tower, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the British Settler's arrival.

Because the final building plans were not completed, it was suggested that it be incorporated into the building which was to become the City Hall. Other interesting buildings include the Provost Prison, the building of which was instructed by Sir Benjamin d'Urban, Governor of the Cape Colony to be used as a military prison. It is a modification of a panopticon designed by Jeremy Bentham for a Russian prince in 1787 on the principal of ceaseless surveillance. The increasing number of 1820 Settlers moving into Grahamstown led to the construction of two narrow streets at right angles to each other to divide a large block of the town grid, hence the Artificer's Square, deriving its name from the inhabitants - skilled artisans or "artificers" - whose services were much in demand. Due to Grahamstown's connection to the history of the 1820 Settler's, there are many restored historical buildings from that area, most of which are located in High Street, which is much like the traditional High streets found in every own in England. Grahamstown is host to a number of festivals each year, the most famous and most successful being the Grahasmtown/Stanard Bank National Arts Festival during June/July. Other festivals include the School's Festival and the Sasol Science Festival during March/April.


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